About Svarini™


Svarini, pronounced {SVAH-REE-NEE}, means 'empowered women' taken from the Sanskrit word, svairini (स्वैरिणी).

Svairini in Sanskrit means free, freedom. During its circulation 4000 years ago, it was used to describe a woman that lived according to her own will as loose or unchaste- this included unmarried women, women in business, women that slept with other women- deemed a wanton and adulteress. Today I reclaim the word with its original meaning- a free woman.

This brand is a love letter to my younger self who deserved to bask in the freedom of self-expression without the weight of a patriarchal and archaic view of her body.

Lately, I feel incredible power and deep gratitude being able to wear whatever I want, a gift from the women who fought oppressive rules before me, and with Svarini, I aim to honor and pass that legacy. Svarini will donate 5% of all Collection I proceeds to Breakthrough, a non profit powering the cultural shift that makes violence against young girls and women unacceptable - a cause very near and dear to my heart.

Made by Sheel 

Svarini is a sustainable, slow fashion brand inspired by Indian culture made for bold women - svarini - everywhere.

Made in both California and Delhi with sustainably sourced, handwoven fabrics, durability for life long wear, and fair wages. Each piece is handcrafted with fit and comfort top of mind, so you can look couture, respect Mother Nature, and feel amazing.

Sheel’s pieces are reflective of her Indian and American heritage - a blend of beautiful brocades, draping details resembling traditional lehenga and saree silhouettes, and of course, gold - updated to fit the stylistic needs of the modern svarini.

Svarini lives and breathes the commitment to diversity and inclusivity - it is for everyone. Which is why Collection I is priced as low as we could while preserving margins for creating the next collection. I want these high fashion art pieces to be as accessible as we can make them. It is designed with all bodies in mind. We are starting collection I with 6 sizes and look forward to adding more sizes and custom cup sizes as the brand grows. Thank you for supporting my lifelong dream and standing for svarini everywhere, this brand is for you.