• Sheel Yerneni as "Svarini"

    A luxury NYFW slow-fashion designer, and editorial content producer that got in way over her head making this film.

  • Anjali Chakra as "Dream Girl"

    A social activist, beauty, and wellness creator and event planner. One of the most recognized South Asian social media personalities in the US.

  • Aman Jaisinghani as "Sheriff Khan"

    A comedy, acting, and dance content creator. Charming beyond words. One of the most recognized South Asian social media personalities in the US.

Our Lore

How Did We Even Pull This Off?

Coming up on our Collection II launch, also titled Moksha, we are sitting on an unreleased collection of 25 pieces we poured our soul, time, and money into.

This put us in a unique and rare position where things aligned for us to make this film into something that stands the test of time across multiple categories- fashion, unapologetic storytelling, cinematography, music composition.

The proof of concept, fashion, and ethos of Svarini alone was enough to bring a $100k+ production value on board and celebrity supporting cast.

We boast proudly that over 90% of our crew are women, with a majority being WOC.

Moksha In Hinduism

Mokṣha is a term in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism for various forms of emancipation, liberation, nirvana, or release. It is noted is as a state of "awakening" and derived from the Sanskrit word muc (“to free”), the term moksha literally means freedom and attainment of a state of pure consciousness, knowledge, and bliss.

In Moksha, our protagonist builds their life around appearances that end up unexpectedly collapsing on them. Before they can process what’s going on, they get lost in losing the facade because it was everything to them- causing rock bottom. In the darkest moment of the climax we see a emotional shift that charges us towards a newfound enlightenment.

Told through breathtaking visuals, disgustingly on point fashion, enveloping audio, and a moving monologue about girlhood, bodily autonomy, and what is means to be a brown woman understanding her self-expression in a world that projects shame onto everything she desires.

Based On A True Story

'Moksha' is the origin story of Svarini. Every line from Svarini’s dialogue is taken from excerpts of Sheel's diary spanning the years of 2016-2023. This is her coming-of-age- rock bottom to enlightenment- told through the lens of princess-core, euphoria-fantasy aesthetics.

Created by gen-Z for gen-Z - “Moksha”’ will resonate deeply with young adult and mature audiences who appreciate striking visuals, introspective character-driven stories, hot-girl-fashion, and overstimulating audio.

Ideal for cosmopolitan and millennial women, but because it’s nuanced approach to the internalized male-gaze and timeless coming-of-age themes told through a new lens- we believe it is for everyone.

Behind The Scenes Insight

Watch what it took: https://youtu.be/TPAjwJLCOMA

Want To Help Moksha?

Much like our protagonist, we were delusional with our stacked locations and shot lists. But, we are no strangers to doing the most with the least. We are so grateful to have found partners in our crew who came on for this project, as we move into this next phase of screening and promoting the film we are seeking help in whatever you can/want to assist. We are more than happy to credit you and connect.

We would bring this same resourcefulness, make the most out of the least to any partnership or project you take with us. There is only one Moksha, and we are dedicated to it full-time, throwing all our weight and connections behind marketing it for the next 18 months on the film festival circuit as well as social media. Contact us directly at hello@svarini.com

  • Sheel Yerneni

    Director, writer, producer, and editor that loves stories, fashion, and drawing. Life's mission is to combat sexual violence against women.

  • Ankita Nayak

    Producer and assistant director focused on music & short film. Web designer for brands & apps. Secures unrealistic permits in her sleep.

  • Mike Canale

    Cinematographer, producer, and colorist, now specializing in documentary/reality TV style and family drama-horror genre narratives. King of owning the stack.